Robrick Nursery, Inc.

Cypress Ladder Trellis

Robrick Nursery now offers a 36" cypress ladder trellis. This trellis will fit pots 10" and larger.

Our trellises are constructed of locally grown cypress and are sawn and assembled at Robrick Nursery.

This is a durable and stable trellis.

A pallet contains 1,000 trellises in bundles of 25. Our current minimum is 500 trellies. There are volume discounts available, please call our office with your needs and we will quote a price for you.

  • Solid Cypress wood
  • 36" tall x 8" wide
  • Fit pots 10" and larger
  • Bundled in 25 on pallets of 1,000
  • Large Quantity Discounts Available