Robrick Nursery, Inc.

Robrick Nursery, Inc. Strobilanthes 'Persian Shield'

Strobilanthes 'Persian Shield'

Strobilanthes Dyeranus

Not Available
  • Growth Habit Upright shrub
  • Mature Height 4 feet
  • Cold Hardy Around 25°
  • Bloom Time Colorful foliage in Spring, Summer & Fall
  • Temperature Warm
  • Light Partial sun to shade
  • Container 1 to 2 gallon
  • Plants Container 1 to 2
  • Bloom Size N/A
  • The unique purple foliage of this plant often has metalic silver highlights. When at its best, you have to take a second look to be sure it is not plastic. It will form flowers in the short days of winter but let's hope Jack Frost has cut it back by then anyway.
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