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Customer Testimonials

On Time As Always!

I want to say thank you for the exquisite Lantana Lemon Drops the we received "on time as always"! I wish all my orders could go as smooth as with you. The Lantana are all transplanted and growing wonderfully in our greenhouse. We are going to pinch them back tomorrow because they are growing so fast.

Brian Townsend, Certified Horticulturist, City of Greenbelt
Greenbelt, MD

A Pleasure!

Last week's liner shipment from Robrick Nursery was top quality and arrived in excellent shape. I had a couple of friends helping me unload and they were very impressed with the quality, as well. I am very happy with the plant material I have received from Robrick Nursery over the past few years, and whenever I have had a problem it was taken care of immediately. The sales representative I work with there is one of the nicest I have ever worked with and very knowledgeable. It is a pleasure doing business with Robrick Nursery.

Richard Adams, Ravenwold Greenhouse
Florence, MA

Best Plants Ever Received

I order a number of plug trays from various vendors each year. I have never ordered from Robrick before until recently and I am very pleased with the quality of the plants. The plants arrived in perfect condition with not a plug out of its' tray....that cannot be said of shipments from other suppliers where plugs would be damaged and scattered inside the box. Would I order again?....you bet and I look forward to using Robrick as my main supplier.

Greg Bostwick....Bostwick Farms
Winnie, TX

Beautiful Bougainvillea

The Bougainvillea liners that we received this week were the most beautiful I have ever seen. The other liners, Manettia Candy Corn and Purslane Passion Puff, were perfect as well.

Mary Beshears, Beshears Nursery
Killen, AL

Prettiest Plants

I've been getting plants for many, many years from all over the world and the plants I got from Robrick Nursery this week were the prettiest I have seen any time, from anywhere.

Joe of Angie's Greenhouse
La Grange, GA


The liners were great as usual and the 4" just blew us away! Wish we had space for more, they were amazing. Thanks for your great service and attention.

Judi Harris, House of Colors
Greenwood, SC

Quality plants year after year.

I have been getting perennial liners from Robrick Nursery for over 10 years and have always been delighted with their quality. The care and attention to my order is obvious even before I open the boxes, once opened there are never any surprises. I take that back, about 3 years ago Robrick added a flat of beautiful Mandevilla free of charge just to see how I would like them, I have been adding that item to my perennial order ever since.
I have had the privilege of touring the nursery operation while on an International Plant Propagation Society filed trip where I was impressed with the facility and the personnel. With many innovations, such as in areas of irrigation and bench rotations, they show that American ingenuity is still alive and well at Robrick Nursery.

John T. Hipkins Jr., Parson's Nursery Inc
Georgetown, SC

Quality Counts

Thanks for shipping quality plants. Our job as growers is made easier when we get quality liners and plugs in. We have had nothing but great material come from your nursery. Keep up the good work!

Terri Slay, Slay's Nursery
Elberta, AL

Superior product and service

Everything you send me is always beautiful and always looks just like the pictures in the catalog. There are never any surprises and in all these years I have never been disappointed. Not only are the plants always beautiful, they are always healthy and in great shape when they arrive. One time part of my shipment was damaged by the freight company and you replaced the plants immediately. Getting a superior product prevents losses and not having any losses makes a huge difference in the success of my business. Growing a plant is like building a house - if you don't start out with a good foundation, you are going to have a very difficult time later on. I like quality and I like to deliver quality to my customers and Robrick Nursery makes it easier for me to do just that.

Bob Smith, Smith Nursery
Liverpool, TX

Spectacular plants!

I just wanted you to know that Color Spot Huntsville received a shipment of Hamelia Mexican Firebush today from your greenhouse.

Melody told me that they look SPECTACULAR !

Thank you for the nice plants.

Color Spot
Huntsville, TX

Plug and Cutting Conference Tour 2008

Thank you for the opportunity to tour your greenhouse on Oct 1st. I was impressed with your technique of propagating vegetative liners. I came away with a sense of accomplishment.

Deborah Larson, Malmborg's Inc
Rogers, MN

Happy Customer

Jane Howland wrote:

Just wanted you to know that we picked up this order tonight from you. Though you called us at home, we had been in contact with Delta several times today to track the shipment and were going to the airport tonight since Grimes had given us the Airbill #. I want to tell you the plants are better than we had ever received of similar plant material from any other source over the past years. We are 50+ year old retail-only greenhouses here in Massachusetts. Thank you again and we hope to get more from you in the future. Howland Greenhouses

Jane Howland of Howland Greenhouses

Pictures to follow

I am forwarding these pictures to you from Williams Greeenhouse in Harriman, TN. Mrs. Helen Whaley is the owner and grower of this product. She is one of the highest quality growers in this part of the country. I thought that you might enjoy seeing some of the ways she has finished your product. These pictures were taken at her greenhouse.
Everyone that comes there can easily see it. Helen speaks very highly of Robrick Nursery and your product to many people. I think that this speaks highly of you at Robrick and of your product. This is good for your business.

Steve Bible

Steve Bible, Grolink Sales

10" finished material

"This is the nicest shipment of foliage material we have ever recieved."
Customer got 10" Mandevilla, Passiflora, Lantana Anne Marie and others

Maria Gardens
Strongsville, OH

Beautiful Plants!

Your plants were beautiful. Bill Moore has picked some winners to be a broker for. Your packaging was excellent, the plants arrived in great shape. I was very happy. I hope to order more soon(just have to make more room!)Keep up the good work, I know I'll tell others about your beautiful plants and excellent service.

Susie French, Open Air Gardens

Great service!

I wanted to thank you for the remarkable service we have recently received.About a month ago we received our order from you with Salvia
'Black and Blue' (a plant we really like) missing. We contacted you through our broker (Vaughn Fletcher) about the omission. Yesterday we received our flat of 'Black and Blue' plus another flat, gratis. The plants were unbelievably beautiful. This is the kind of service and quality we (at little OCG) strive to give our own customers. It's great to see a big successful company like yours still paying attention to small customers. Thanks again.

David Smashey, Ozark Cottage Gardens