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This week we have plenty of Mandevilla 'Red Fury' PP#19,698, but this is a popular plant and demand will be high.
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Robrick Nursery Inc. produces young plants from cuttings for other growers. In the industry these young plants are referred to as "liners" and Robrick produces them in either 105 or 72 cell trays. It is the mission of Robrick Nursery to ship these young plants on schedule and at the peak of quality. A few items are available at certain times of the year as full grown plants and some items are available as prefinished 4 inch pots. Robrick Nursery sells wholesale only.

The product line is customer driven. We produce what customers request and enliven the offering with a few new things that we stumble across each year. Robrick Nursery has always tried to fill niches in the market rather than targeting high volume crops. Our company has become well known for the production of Lantanas and Mandevilla but the product line now includes over 250 different plants.

Learn more about Fury Genetics, LLC and our Mandevilla Fury program.
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